Case Study - Powell

Powell Industries Inc., leverages Changepond Engineering Services high quality and low cost Distance Engineering Services increase productivity and to enable growth.

After delivering high satisfaction levels over multiple Projects of Powell Industries, Changepond Engineering Services is now a high quality low cost extended design back office of Powell Industries Inc.


Powell industries are one of the pioneers in design, development, manufacturing and servicing of equipment integral to the distribution and control of electrical energy and other critical purposes for more than 50 years. They are the leaders in manufacturing of wide range of Switchgear. They serve different Industry verticals like utilities, refineries, municipalities, energy companies and heavy industry.

Powell wanted a high quality Engineering Services partner to reduce time involved in preparation of the wiring diagrams (Inputs to Shop floor for Production) which in turn will save a lot of money and time by way of increase in Productivity.

The Solution and Outcome

Changepond executed a pilot project first wherein some sample drawings in Switchgears were executed. Satisfied with the Job done by Changepond Electrical Team, New Projects were assigned to Changepond in MV Switchgears after a small training session from Powell to understand their Standards.

The Execution involved

  • Analyzing control & power schematics
  • Designing wiring diagrams for LV, HV & MV
  • Providing Interconnection drawing, shipping split details
  • Generating Bill of materials ,feeder drawings
  • General Arrangement Drawing

After delivering a large volume of drawings strictly as per the standards and Quality required by the Client to high satisfaction levels, Changepond was permitted to extend its services on LV switchgears also. Changepond delivered the project well within the planned timeframe.

Due to the confidence that the changepond team generated, Powell now engages our team to execute projects involving advance engineering design such as

  • Designing control
  • Power schematics

Today Changepond acts as an extended design back office of Powell Industries Inc.

  • The Client was able to reduce their engineering design office costs to a great Extent
  • Due to the reduction of time in design office, The Client was able to focus more on advanced Engineering and R&D
  • Reduced the temporary spikes in demand for the Engineering resources
  • Satisfied with the team performance and commitment towards quality, Powell has been associated with Changepond for more than a Decade and today Changepond does a variety of Engineering design and CAD work
General Arrangement Drawing
general arrangement drawing
Part of Wiring Diagram
wiring diagram
Part of Control Schematics
control schematics
Part of Power Schematics
power schematics
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